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San Francisco Aid for Animals is a charitable fund dedicated to keeping companion animals and their families together. Grants provided through local veterinarians help pet guardians with financial hardship deal with urgent, treatable conditions to prevent needless suffering, euthanasia or surrender of their animal companions. is a collaborative effort by a team of dog lovers who want to share what they’ve learned during 200 combined years of on-the-road and on-the-trail adventures. They’ve uncovered the best places in Northern California for you and your pup to stay, eat, hike, splash and play and listed them by county or region on is currently offering a dollar donation to Northern California rescue organizations for everyone who signs up to receive just one free weekly newsletter. If you love it, continue to receive the newsletter free of charge. If you would like to opt-out after reading the first copy, you can easily do so as well, and the organization will still receive the donation. It’s a win-win for all.

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San Francisco Aid for Animals has partnered with Pet Food Express’ “My Mutt Program” to bring you this offer:  Donate $250 or more to SFAfA and you qualify for a free portrait of your pet taken by a professional pet photographer. The portrait will be enlarged to poster size and displayed at a local Pet Food Express for at least 6 months. When the poster is taken down it will be given to you free of charge. This is our way of saying thank you for your support of SFAfA.
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Before San Francisco residents Jill and Harrison adopted him on Christmas Day 2013, Mocha had spent his entire life as an outdoor pup in the desert near Palm Springs. Mocha’s previous owners kept him with a large, nearly blind old dog named Ray, fenced together in their backyard. After a move to Southern Arizona last year, Ray began to show signs of confusion and agitation in his new surroundings. Harrison, who knew Mocha and Ray’s owners, offered to housesit one weekend while they made a trip out of town. It was during Harrison’s visit that Ray bit Mocha several times, leaving the tiny Chihuahua fighting for life and requiring emergency surgery. Realizing that Ray had become a danger because of his blindness, disorientation, and size, the owners asked Harrison and Jill if they’d be willing to adopt Mocha. The timing could not have been more perfect; Harrison and Jill had been looking for a companion for their own rescue dog Chai, whom they had adopted from the San Francisco SPCA.

In June Harrison and Jill noticed that Mocha was having a difficult time urinating and seemed to be in distress; concerned for his comfort, they called the SF SPCA Veterinary Hospital for help. Mocha was brought in right away and a catheter was inserted to relieve his bladder pressure. While this provided temporary relief, X-rays revealed that Mocha was suffering from bladder stones that required surgery for their removal. Mocha’s medical and surgical care was overseen by Drs. Goh and Henriksen, who also neutered him after the bladder surgery. Harrison and Jill had wanted the latter procedure done since adopting Mocha, but the cost was more than they could afford.

The total charge for the emergency hospitalization, bladder surgery, and neuter was beyond their means and almost forced them into a very painful decision. Fortunately, many veterinarians at the SF SPCA receive grants from San Francisco Aid for Animals. Three of those vets, Drs. Goh, Henriksen and Owyang, combined theirs together to significantly lower Mocha’s bill to an affordable level.

While Mocha’s surgeries went very well and he is now at home recovering, Harrison and Jill will need to feed him a special diet to reduce the risk of recurrence of bladder stones. Despite his medical setbacks, Mocha loves his new family. As Jill describes, “he’s just a happy little guy who adores being snuggled, like he’s making up for lost time.” He enjoys walking on a leash, meeting new dogs, howling at fire trucks, becoming housetrained, and most of all, curling up next to Chai for naps. Harrison and Jill would like San Francisco Aid for Animals’ donors to know that they are incredibly appreciative of all the help and services they have received for Mocha.

 “He is a wonderful addition to our family and we were so worried about him. We want to give him the love and care he’s been missing all of his life.”

Some exciting news from our friends at San Francisco Aid for Animals: They are now on the charity roster of Community Thrift! That means you can donate furniture, clothes, books, etc. to Community Thrift AND shop for items there (code 44) – all to benefit SFAfA.

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